The M.S. in Advanced Data Analytics is a 30-hour degree, consisting of seven core courses (21 hrs) and three electives (9 hrs).

The accelerated delivery provides five course start times per year. Courses can be offered in 8-weeks sessions during the long semester or shorter during the summer session. Some courses will still be offered in a 16-week semester format to facilitate student mastery of instructional content. Students who maintain the accelerated course sequence can complete course work in less than two years.

Core courses (21 hrs) without a concentration

Electives (9 hrs)

Three elective courses (9 hours) are required after consultation with Dr. Denise Philpot, Clinical Assistant Professor.

Core courses (18 hrs) with a concentration

  • ADTA 5120 (3 hrs) Introduction to Data Analytics
  • ADTA 5130 (3 hrs) Data Analytics I
  • ADTA 5230 (3 hrs) Data Analytics II
  • ADTA 5240 (3 hrs) Harvesting, Storing and Retrieving Data
  • ADTA 5340 (3 hrs) Discovery and Learning with Big Data
  • ADTA 5940 (3 hrs) Analytics Capstone Experience

Digital Retailing Concentration (12 hrs)

and choose one:

Health Data Analytics Concentration (12 hrs) - accelerated online option

  • HLSV 5300 (3 hrs) Information Systems for Healthcare Management
  • HLSV 5450 (3 hrs) Health Services Administration
  • HLSV 5740 (3 hrs) Financial Issues in Health Services Administration
  • HLSV 5820 (3 hrs) Marketing Health Services

Management Concentration (12 hrs) - accelerated online option

  • MGMT 5140 (3 hrs) Organizational Behavior and Analysis
  • MGMT 5760 (3 hrs) Strategic Management
  • MGMT 5870 (3 hrs) Leadership Research and Development

and choose one:

  • MGMT 5120 (3 hrs) Managing Organizational Design and Change
  • MGMT 5300 (3 hrs) Entrepreneurship and Venture Management

Sports (12 hours)

  • KINE/RESM 5100 (3 hrs) Research Perspectives in Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
  • KINE 5150 (3 hrs) - Quantitative Procedures in Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • RESM 5540 (3 hrs) - Sports Marketing Analytics
  • RESM 5520 (3 hrs) - Strategic Marketing for Sports and Event Organizations

Statistics Concentration (12 hrs)

plus two of the following:



In order to be successful in the program, a background class in calculus, applied statistics, business statistics or an equivalent course is required. For additional information, contact

Visit the Registrar's website for more information on course registration dates and payment deadlines.