Training in data analytics is increasingly important for advancement in nearly any career. The Advanced Data Analytics program offers career-enhancing degrees and certificates in data analytics. Join us in exploring this exciting field!

The job market demand for data analytics professionals greatly outpaces the supply in virtually all industries. Individuals who can apply, interpret, and communicate data analysis to derive actionable business insights can garner high salaries even in entry-level positions and those with advanced credentials are often quickly promoted. Meanwhile, employers are increasingly recognizing non-degree or alternative credentials for those just entering the field.

"Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds which makes them so valuable"

-Michael Monticino, chair of Advanced Data Analytics at UNT

To help jumpstart or accelerate your career in data analytics, UNT has created flexible degree and certificate options. All courses are available 100% online and taught by dedicated faculty with deep industry experience. Courses are also offered at the UNT Denton and Frisco campuses for those who prefer an in-person experience. The curriculum is project-based, providing participants a variety of practical experiences in solving real-world business problems. Explore the options below to determine which approach best fits your career path.

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Data Analytics Microcourses:

A new online learning option, providing a manageable pace towards a credential for those already balancing demanding work-life obligations. These 4-week courses cover one-third of the content of a full semester course. Three microcourses stack into a three credit hour course and multiple courses can be stacked into a data analytics certificate. After completing 5 graduate courses in as few as 7 months, learners can earn an academic certificate and then need just 5 more courses to earn a master’s degree. After completing 5 undergraduate courses, learners earn an academic certificate, which can be a standalone certificate or part of an undergraduate degree such as the UNT Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree. Earning a data analytics academic certificate or a degree from UNT is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and advance your career!

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Dr. Denise Philpot
Faculty Focus
Dr. Denise Philpot, shares real industry experience, a passion for teaching and a commitment to students.

Developing actionable solutions from data plays a vital role in modern business. Opportunities for well-trained data analysts and scientists are virtually limitless. The UNT Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) program answers that call with innovative curriculum keeping pace with current workforce demands, delivering high quality talent for this expanding job market.

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UNT offers 4 week online micro courses in Data analytics that can be  taken to enhance marketable skills or earn a credential


Each microcourse contains roughly 1 third the ontent of a traditonal course. 3 microcourses stack together to provide credit for a college course.


Earn an undergraduate or graduate certificate by stacking together 5 course, 15 microcourses or any equivalent comination of these two options


 at the graduate level, completing the certificate is 50% of the credit needed to earn a master's degree


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