Dr. Zeynep Orhan
Zeynep Orhan
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Orhan received her PhD degree in Computer Engineering from Istanbul University in Turkey, and her MS and BS degrees in Computer Engineering and Information Science from Bilkent University, Turkey. Before joining the UNT Advanced Data Analytics department, she taught at several universities, including at Bilkent University, Fatih University, and Istanbul University in Turkey, the International Burch University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Union College in New York. She has also collaborated with Scale AI as a domain expert to train an artificial intelligence agent.

Dr. Orhan is deeply committed to community outreach and teaching. She is the founder of ACM and ACM-W (ACM-Women) student chapters at Fatih University and International Burch Universities. She has participated in many intiatives to enhance digital literacy and computing skills for women and girls. For example, she served as a volunteer and taught Python in the project of “Harnessing Technology to Empower Women and Young Girls in the Digital Age” initiated by the Pacifica Institute and presented at the United Nations CSW Forum.

Dr. Orhan’s main fields of research are machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics. She has been developing applications in Turkish and English that analyze huge amount of unstructured textual and non-traditional data produced in the digital environment, including sentiment analysis and opinion mining systems, healthcare (diagnosis, follow-up, treatment) applications, e-education tools, e-government services, and related intelligent strategy systems.