Dr. Bill Randall

Dr. Bill Randall is an ADTA adjunct faculty member teaching ADTA 5240 Harvesting, Storing, and Retrieving Data and ADTA 5340 Discovery Learning with Big Data. He works as a senior civil service engineer leading large engineering teams developing and fielding technologies for the US government. He has a BS in Civil Engineering, M.Ed., MMIS, MBA, Graduate Academic Certificate in Data Analytics, and a Ph.D. in Information Science with a concentration in Data Science. While his current job is very broad, most of his engineering and program management experience has been in leading large-scale software development programs. In 2004, the MS CEO named him the MS Innovator of the year. Dr. Randall's research is in the area of the application of predictive modeling and AI.

He proclaims that he does not have a "hometown," having lived across the US, Europe, and the Middle East. In his spare time, he is a SCUBA diving instructor, instructor pilot, Boston Marathon finisher, and recently an Ironman finisher.